At Gaskyns to go... we stock many different products from daily essentials to luxury items.


We have a very large range of locally made award winning Montezuma's chocolate bars which, of course, we have had to try!


Bath Pig Chorizo made from 100% British pork and all natural ingredients. These are also Wheat, Gluten and Dairy free. We now also stock Bath Pig Salami.
We also stock a massive range of Clipper's natural, fairtrade and organic teas and infusions.
For ones with little ones. We have a wide variety of Ella's Kitchen and Organix products which can also be bought in the café. All of these are organic and are all made from natural ingredients.
Belvoir Fruit Farms organic drinks available in a range of flavours.
We also have a range of milk alternatives and if you need to avoid dairy we also stock dairy free chocolate.
Our eggs and milk which we use in all of our cooking and in the café are also available in the shop. They are both from local farms and the eggs are also organic.

We also stock Burts crisps which are quality hand fried crisps from Devon as well as Mediterranean inspired snacks from Olives Et Al such as chilli puffs and habas fritas.

Organico products also compliment our range of snacks with breadsticks, dips and stuffed olives.

We have nine flavours of ice cream and two sorbets. All Movenpick products are made using the highest quality ingredients and do not contain any unnatural nasties and also all of the flavours which we stock are gluten free.

Available in a cone or a tub.

We stock a wide range of products from Infinity Foods. These include grains, flours, pulses, nuts and breakfast cereals.
Award winning handmade cookies from Devon. A tasty range of cookies also available in the café individually.
Skin and hair care range from naturally derived sources. Ethically sources ingredients, all vegetarian and almost all are vegan (but don't eat them!).

E-Lites e-cigarettes are the most authentic tobacco alternative as they look, taste and feel just like smoking. We also give a 25p discount off any E-lites products when you return an empty refil.

Our E-Lite refils are now only £6.50!